Master Lighting Design

Master Lighting Design

Artificial Lighting


  • Optical Systems
  • Lamp Types
  • Interior Lighting Concepts
  • Exterior Lighting Concepts
  • Design Guidelines and Regulations
  • Lighting Calculations


The optical systems for the control of daylight and artificial light will be presented together with their application in luminaire and daylight system designs. The characteristics of luminaires and lamps will be considered as well as their impacts on mounting and geometry. Guidelines for the use of various lamps will be developed for application as general, orientation, media and focal accent lighting. Indoor and exterior lighting concepts will be evaluated and recommendations developed for layout using focussed small projects. Methods for measuring light as well as calculating intensity of point sources and room systems will be discussed and used in practical exercises.


  • Define and describe the requirements for a light system given a desired light distribution
  • Select and specify appropriate lamps and luminaires for use in a designed lighting system
  • Develop appropriate interior and exterior lighting design for given usage scenarios
  • Correctly identify lamp types
  • Measure and interpret light intensity and luminaire distribution
  • Evaluate a given lighting system using relevant lighting criteria

Responsible expert

Harald Hofmann

Yvonne Weiss