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Part-time programme
MBA Logistics & Trade

Fernstudium Handel & Logistik | WINGS-Fernstudium

Part-time programme
MBA Logistics & Trade

MBA Logistik | WINGS-Fernstudium
Robert Friedrich

Robert Friedrich

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Digitalisation, Business Processes and New Business Models

The decreasing costs of information processing, which we call digitization, offer new approaches to commercial developments and challenge traditional business models. The Module explores the information dimension along supply chains and addresses the question how and in what form information technology helps to create and maintain competitive advantages.

  • Develop an understanding of the concept of competitive disruption and identify the potential in today´s business environment
  • Develop awareness of how business models need to adapt to address competitive challenges
  • Identify parameters and key characteristics of digitisation-driven business modells.
  • Formulate adaptation strategies for the own organisation